Health Tips

What's the best way to sit? Sit in chairs with straight backs or low-back support. Keep your knees a little higher than your hips...

Sachin Breaks Record in ODI

Sachin Tendulkar became the first batsman to make a double hundred in one-day internationals.

How To Approach Women

Most of the guys still do not identify how to flirt with a female. Utmost they end up looking also foolish or too over-ambitious.

How to Wash a Car

Nobody likes to drive dirty cars. Here are little simple steps to get your car looking like new.

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Whether we’re a vibrant orange, or a peaceful blue, our color preferences are a key to understanding our personalities.

7 Usability Check-Points You Should Be Aware Of

You don’t use pop-ups.
Pop-ups interrupt the browsing session of the visitors and require an instant feedback. Respect your visitors.

You don’t use too small font sizes.
Long passages are harder to read, and to read brief sentences readers need more time. It holds also for links, buttons, forms, search boxes and other elements.

You don’t have unclear link text.
Links have to be specific and lead to the destination they describe.  unclear link descriptions should be avoided.

If designers don’t present this information in an appropriate way, visitors can have serious problems with site navigation.

Take a look at the picture and the labels below

Visual noise
Often less is more. Visual noise is probably one of the most typical problems large web-sites’ designers have to cope with.  And it’s extremely easy to get it wrong.

You have at most one animation per page.
If blinking images are wide-spread through the site, it’s extremely hard to focus on one single site element. Give your visitors an opportunity to identify your content. Using animated ads, don’t place them right along your articles.

You make it easy to contact you.
If visitors do want to get in touch with you, but can’t find any contact information, you lose their interest and trust. 

Your links open in the same window.
Visitors want to have control over everything what happens in their browser. If they’d like to open a link in a new window they will. If they don’t want to, they won’t. If your links open in a new window you make the decision which is not your decision to make.

Supermoon on March 19th

On March 19th 2011, the moon will make its closest approach to Earth in almost 20 years, possibly triggering earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other disasters.

The phenomenon, called lunar perigee or Supermoon, happens when the moon reaches its absolute closest point to Earth. On March 19, the natural satellite will be only 221,567 miles away from our planet.
There were Supermoons in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005, and these years had their share of extreme weather conditions, too. Although there are scientific laws that say the moon affects the Earth, it's still ambiguous whether the lunar perigee and natural disasters is coincidence or not.
Two days after online warnings that the Supermoon might trigger disasters, the devastating Japanese tsunami forced everyone to think - could the movement of the moon cause natural calamities?
"Supermoons have a historical association with strong storms, very high tides, extreme tides and also earthquakes," the Daily Mail quoted astrologer Richard Nolle, who first coined the term in 1979, as saying in an interview with ABC radio.
However, scientists dismiss this as utter nonsense.
Dr David Harland, space historian and author, said, "It's possible that the moon may be a kilometre or two closer to Earth than normal at a perigee, but it's an utterly insignificant event."
Professor George Helffrich, a seismologist at the University of Bristol was equally dismissive.
"Complete nonsense. The moon has no significant effect on earthquake triggering. If the moon triggers "big" earthquakes, it would trigger the many of millions of times more "small" earthquakes that happen daily. There is no time dependence of those; hence no moon effect," he said.
According to Dr Roger Musson, of the British Geological Survey (BGS), the devastating earthquake occurred because the Pacific Plate is plunging underneath Japan.
However, while hoping for a non-disastrous ‘moon giant’, point your eyes and camera lenses toward the night sky on 19th. If the sky is clear, you’re gonna get an exceptional celestial treat.

Health Tips - Low Back Pain

What's the best way to sit?

Sit in chairs with straight backs or low-back support. Keep your knees a little higher than your hips. Adjust the seat or use a low stool to prop your feet on. Turn by moving your whole body rather than by twisting at your waist. 

When driving, sit straight and move the seat forward. This helps you not lean forward to reach the controls. You may want to put a small pillow or rolled towel behind your lower back if you must drive or sit for a long time.

What's the best position for standing?

If you must stand for long periods, rest 1 foot on a low stool to relieve pressure on your lower back. Every 5 to 15 minutes, switch the foot you're resting on the stool. Maintain good posture: Keep your ears, shoulders and hips in a straight line, with your head up and your stomach pulled in.

What's the best position for sleeping?

The best way to sleep is on your side with your knees bent. You may put a pillow under your head to support your neck. You may also put a pillow between your knees. 

If you sleep on your back, put pillows under your knees and a small pillow under your lower back. Don't sleep on your stomach unless you put a pillow under your hips.

Use a firm mattress. If your mattress is too soft, use a board of 1/2-inch plywood under the mattress to add support.

Rajneeti Movie Review

The movie star cast include:
    * Ajay Devgan– Sooraj Kumar
    * Ranbir Kapoor– Samar Pratap
    * Arjun Rampal– Prithviraj Pratap
    * Katrina Kaif– Indu Pratap
    * Nana Patekar– Brij Gopal
    * Naseeruddin Shah– Bhaskar Sanyal
    * Manoj Bajpai– Veerendra Pratap
    * Sarah Thompson– Sarah Jean Collins
    * Ishaan Khattar– Item Number

Rajneeti tells us that how the politicians in the third-world countries, destroys the whole system of our whole country to get their dirty aims. One of the characters is Bhaskar Sanyal (Naseeruddin Shah) who is a prominent leader and bold enough to face opposition but he is too like other selfish politicians.

Ranbir Kapoor is playing younger brother of Arjun Rampal in this movie, plays what ready-made cricket commentators would call a “cool customer”. He has a life beyond his straightaway family. The boy role who play Ranbir Kapoor is least interested in his politics business and he is settled with a girlfriend abroad. He was it not for a tragic circumstance, he could continue with his innately quiet, private life.

Arjun Rampal plays a elder brother of Ranbir kapoor in Rajneeti. Arjun Rampal plays a role it fully enmeshed in the intricacies of his family’s murky trade, is the mercurial dude; given to violent outbursts; his ego, quite easy to prick.

Katrina Kaif loves Ranbir Kapoor from childhood days but the later loves a girl in US. Her role as a political leader is very short and she resembles like Priyanka Gandhi and not like Sonia Gandhi. She was married to Arjun Rampal despite her wish as to gain some funds from her father.

Manoj Bajpai plays the role of the cousin brother of Arjun and Ranbir. Manoj wants to be the president of the party which his father has founded and the CM too. But due to strong dominancy by his uncle and Arjun Rampal in the party and family, he (Manoj) doesn't get what he wants.

This rivalry brings in clash, murder plot and other things which are a part of Indian political system. After his father’s blackwash, Samar – Ranbir kapoor slips in like a fish into his family’s dirty pond. This transition appears too hastily unexplained for someone who’d been pursuing for years a PhD in Victorian literature before this.

Bloodlines in this Rajput family tree are too complicated to recount. Suffice it to know, for simplicity’s sake, the conflict is roughly over who’s the heir to a political legacy: the eldest son (Manoj Bajpayee); or the younger brother and, given such a situation’s arisen, his progenies (Prithviraj, Samar).

The latter also share a step-brother (Ajay Devgn), a locally popular Dalit youth leader. But no one knows this yet. He’s Karn from the Mahabharat, picked up and elevated in the rival Kaurav camp. His birth also honours a popular Bollywood tradition: random one-night stands inevitably lead to instant pregnancies.

The film which is shot in the lake city of Bhopal and nearby areas captures the beauty of its palaces and of lake. The music is good and you will not feel boring for this 3 hour plus long if you can understand the 'neeti and shashtra' of Rajneeti.

Audi R8 V10 Sound


These are the photographs of the GIFT CITY, which is to be taken place at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. This is one of the top most industrial construction in the world. This project brings so much Job Opportunities for the people of Gujarat & also for the other states.

History of Google

Google is the World’s largest search engine.. It gets 150 million queries per day and gives the answers within 30 seconds. It was started by two Stanford University students Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the year 1997.

Sergi Brin's parents were Russian immigrants; he was six when the family moved to the United States. His father became a professor of math at the University of Maryland, and Sergey Brin graduated from the same university  with honors in computer science. He took his masters degree from Stanford University and then continued to do his P.hd. There he met Larry Page, another Doctorate student. Larry Page was born into a non-practicing Jewish family in Lansing, Michigan. His parents were computer science professors at Michigan State University. When Larry page came to Stanford University for the first time, it was Sergey Brin who was asked to show the campus to him and thus they became good friends.  Initially They seemed to disagree on most subjects. But after spending time together, they "became intellectual soul-mates and close friends."

In 1996, they crammed their dormitory room with inexpensive  computers and developed a search engine called BackRub.  The program became popular at Stanford and they suspended their Ph.D studies to start up Google in a rented garage. They collected some money  from faculty members, family and friends, to buy some servers and rent that famous garage in 1998. The next step was to find potential partners who might want to license their search technology, a technology that worked better than any available at the time. Among the contacts was David Filo, a friend and Yahoo! founder. Filo encouraged the two to grow the service themselves by starting a search engine company.. The name  google was chosen from the word “googol” a mathematical term

Unable to secure the financial support of the major portal players of the day,  Page and Brin decided to start their own. They wrote a business plan, and searched for an investor. They first approached Andy Bechtolsheim, founder of Sun Microsystems, and friend of a Stanford faculty member. Impressed with their plans, Bechtolsheim wrote a check to Google Inc. for $100,000

Their first employee was hired--Craig Silverstein, who later became Google's Director of Technology. By this time, Google .com was answering 10,000 search queries a day. Articles about the new Web site with relevant search results appeared in USA Today and Le Monde. In December, PC Magazine named Google to its list of Top 100 Web Sites and Search Engines for 1998

With the number of queries growing to 500,000 a day, and the number of employees growing to eight, Google moved its offices to University Avenue in Palo Alto in February 1999. With interest in the company growing as well and Google's commitment to running its servers on the Linux open source operating system, Google signed on with RedHat, its first commercial customer.

By early June, Google had secured $25 million in equity funding from two leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley: Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Buyers. Staff members from the two investors joined Google's board of directors. Joining as new employees were Omid Kordestani from Netscape, who became Google's Vice President of Business Development and Sales; and UC Santa Barbara's Urs Hölzle, who became Google's Vice President of Engineering. Having again outgrown their work space, the company moved to the Googleplex, their current headquarters in Mountain View, California

Google continued to expand in many ways. AOL/Netscape selected Google as its Web search service, helping push daily traffic levels to over 3 million. The Italian portal Virgilio and the UK's leading online entertainment guide, Virgin Net, signed on as well. PC Magazine awarded Google its Technical Excellence Award for Innovation in Web Application Development and included it in several of its "Best of" lists. Time magazine named Google to its Top Ten Best Cybertech list for 1999.

Improvements to the search engine itself came in the introduction of the Google Directory, which was based on Netscape's Open Directory Project, and the ability to search via wireless devices. Thinking globally, Google also introduced ten language versions for search users

In May 2000 Google received a Webby award for Best Technical Achievement for 2000 and a People's Voice Award for Technical Achievement. The following month, Google introduced its billion-page index and, with 18 million search queries per day, officially became the world's largest search engine.

Dr. Eric Schmidt joined Google in May as chairman of the board of directors and would eventually become CEO. Schmidt had previously served as chairman and CEO of Novell and CTO of Sun Microsystems

By the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2001, Google announced an achievement that had eluded many other online companies: profitability. With the appointment of Schmidt as new CEO, co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin became President, Products and President, Technology, respectively. Google was awarded another Webby, this time for the new Best Practices category

Brin's mother, Eugenia, has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. In 2008, he decided to donate a large sum to the University of Maryland School of Medicine, where his mother is being treated. Brin used the services of 23AndMe and discovered that although Parkinson's is generally not hereditary, both he and his mother possess a mutation of the LRRK2 gene that puts the likelihood of his developing Parkinson's in later years between 20 and 80%

According to the 2007 edition of Forbes, Page had an estimated net worth of $16.6 Billion, placing him and Sergey Brin at rank 26 on Forbes's list of the richest persons in the world. They recently purchased a Qantas Boeing 767 airliner for business and personal needs.

Page married Lucinda Southworth at Richard Branson's Caribbean island, Necker Island, on December 8, 2007.Brin and Page are the executive producers of the film, Broken Arrows. In 2004

The Google headquarters, the Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, California. As of March 31, 2009, the company has 19,786 full-time employees. Google net income was 4.25 billion last year

In 2004, Google formed a not for-profit philanthropic wing,, with a start-up fund of $1 billion.The express mission of the organization is to create awareness about climate change, global public health, and global poverty. Gmail,. Google group, and you tube are some of the facilities from google incorporation. Google search engine has made our life simpler and day by day they are adding more and more features.